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An Annual Overview of the Large-Cap Value Strategy (Value Fund)

“Patience, distinctiveness, thrift and trust still count.” We borrow these words from the subtitle of an article published in the Economist earlier this spring celebrating the virtues of long-term thinking in an increasingly minute-to-minute world. These ideals ring true not only for those running multi-generational businesses, but to those in the public equities trade who have chosen to focus on the destination as opposed to the elegance or speed with which mile markers are eclipsed along the way. Our destination, from day one, has been healthy growth in principal over time without taking unnecessary risk. These four paragons are integral parts of the Value Fund’s historical, and we trust future, success.


“When things are going well and prices are high, investors rush to buy, forgetting all prudence. Then, when there’s chaos all around and assets are on the bargain counter, they lose all willingness to bear risk and rush to sell. And it will ever be so.” – Howard Marks, Oaktree Capital Management

For the better part of the past six and a half years, markets have moved steadily upward. Our Fund and its primary benchmarks – the S&P 500 and Russell 1000 – have increased… continue reading.

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